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Some people wonder why the fight for marriage rights is important to gays and lesbians, given marriage’s spotty history. Others wonder why it’s important to call it “marriage” — aren’t “civil unions” enough? John Corvino explains why the rights and responsibilities of marriage are important, and how “separate but equal” never really ends up being truly equal.

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My take on the D’Souza affair:

Last week, the conservative luminary Dinesh D’Souza resigned as president of The King’s College, a New York City evangelical school, after it was revealed that he brought his mistress to a Christian conference, apparently shared a room with her, and introduced her as his fiancée — even though he was still married to his wife of 20 years.

Andy Mills, chairman of the college’s Board of Trustees told students, “God has a mighty future for Dinesh, but there are some things he has to go through first” — which is evangelical-speak for “WTF was he thinking?!?”

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