Here are some of John’s upcoming speaking appearances. Check venue websites for date and time information (some will be hyperlinked here), and check back for updates.

October 5: Mexico City; National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), conference on Prof. Linda McClain’s The Rhetoric of Bigotry

October 11: Sacramento, CA; Court/Clergy Conference

October 12-13: Montreal, Canada; McGill University Harm Reduction Roundtable

October 18: Wayne State University, “Masterpiece Cakeshop, Sexual Orientation Discrimination, and the Metaphysics of Cakes”

October 25: Wayne State University; Comment on Bollinger on the First Amendment

November 6: Baylor University (TX); Dialogue with Matthew Lee Anderson

November 8: University of Texas San Antonio; Dialogue with Matthew Lee Anderson

February 4-7: Rudrick Visiting Scholar at the University of Waterloo

March 26: Oakland University (MI)

April 1: St. Edward’s University (TX); Dialogue with Matthew Lee Anderson

April 4-5: Bowling Green State University (OH) “Ethics of Public Discourse” conference

September 12-13: University of Iowa Public Philosophy Lecture Series

September 19: Wheaton College (IL); Dialogue with Matthew Lee Anderson

As always, you can contact Gina Kirkland to schedule an event.