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John Corvino explains the problem with the standard “Love the Sinner/Hate the Sin” line, while also rejecting simplistic distinctions between homosexual orientation and homosexual conduct. He concludes with a message to religious conservatives who want to express their love for LGBT people while still maintaining that same-sex relations are sinful.

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A nice review from Aussie blogger Belle. From the review:

Even for someone who isn’t a massive non-fiction reader, I found this book to be extremely interesting, engaging and yes, even enjoyable. I came away feeling more informed, more fired up and frankly, more touched than I thought I would be. Because what this book highlights most of all is that, at its very root, this argument is one of love and compassion – and it cannot be won without those things.

Full review here.

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…as a conservative, writing:

This conservative case was buttressed by my fellow conservative writers – learned, decent, honest intellectuals like Jon Rauch and Bruce Bawer and Dale Carpenter and John Corvino and many others. We were no Democrats.

For the record, I’ve been a registered Democrat for decades. Nonetheless, the full piece is well worth reading.

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